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If online marketing hasn’t worked, it’s not your fault! Read on…

My husband Marc Harris and I have run a digital marketing agency Net101 for 25 years.

For most of that time, we provided the general services that most digital marketing agencies provide – web development, SEO, Google and Facebook ads, mailing list services and content marketing.

But the one thing that we saw happen over and over was that we would setup up what the client had requested, explained to them what they needed to do for it to be effective and then we moved on to our next client.

Invariably we would come back a few months later to see how things were working out. They hadn’t found the time to look at their ads or send out a newsletter or create the content that we had explained they needed to do better than their competitors.

We sent them reports on how their ads were performing and they had never looked at them. We sent them the info so they could see how things were converting and they had never implemented them.

For a lot of years, we just shook our heads, thinking it was the client’s fault.

But in reality, it was OUR fault! We expected busy business people who work hard at what they do to know what we know from 25 years of experience. Duh!

So after years of evidence that selling services instead of solutions is not the best way to work for our clients, we went looking for an industry where:

  • There are new prospective clients being created every day in every town,
  • New prospective clients start their buying process online almost every single time.
  • New prospective clients are extremely high value to the small businesses that they purchase from, AND
  • Our knowledge and experience on how to reach these new prospective clients would allow us to build a complete system that could consistently generate hot leads from these prospects for these small businesses.


Finding folks who are soon-to-be-wed is relatively easy because, for most young people, the process of planning a wedding starts and ends online. Know where they are and target them with a perfect incentive and a perfect offer and they are ready to buy, even before you have lifted a finger.

If you have ever tried to do online marketing, you may have had a few wins and plenty of losses. And spent a lot of money. We want you to stop that silliness right now. There is a better way.

Make an appointment with me today and we can walk through your needs, your market and your goals and create a plan to convert many more prospects into many more clients.

Thanks and I know you will find our phone call a business-changing, profitable and enlightening experience.

Let's make 2020 awesome!

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