You spent a lot of time, money, and effort building a great website. That is probably the most important online marketing you can do.

Did you know that the second most important thing that you can do is to have a complete and well-optimized Google My Business page?

Google My Business, or GMB, serves many important purposes in the Google information ecosystem. Let’s cover these and then go into what you should include and how to claim your account if you have not already.

When someone searches your company name, an “Info box” will appear at the top of the page on mobile devices and to the right on desktop. This shows the information Google has – name, phone, address, street shots of your location, directions, your website and reviews. All of this information comes from your Google My Business page.

If you have never claimed and verified your business, there will be a link that says “Own this business?”. By clicking on that link, you can begin the process of verifying your business. Claiming your Google My Business page is the easiest and most important thing you can do to improve your positioning in search results.

If you see “Manage this business?”, it means your page is verified and ready to go.

Google My Business information is tied to 3 things. Google Maps, so that searchers can find your business. Your website so that people can click through to your website. And the Google 3 box, which appears when people search by business category, such as “Wedding photographers near me” or “Engagement photographers”. Google My Business serves as the hub of information about your business. Optimizing GMB information gives you more opportunities to do well for many search results. This means you will be found by propects more often.

Once you gain access to your Google My Business account, either by going through the verification process (be sure and use phone verification if the phone number that Google has for you is correct – it’s much easier) or by logging into an account that allows you to access and see your already verified GMB account, you will be at the Home page. Be sure to fill out at least name, address, phone and hours to get started.

To expand the opportunities that Google My Business can deliver for your Wedding Photography business, we have created a checklist of how to optimize your Google My Business information.