Can Online Marketing For Your Wedding Photography Business Generate Four New Clients A Month?

Something to think about…

there are basically two places that almost every recently engaged or soon-to-be-wed person goes to start their planning process and tell friends they are engaged.

If your photography business was right there when they got started, how much more likely would it be that you would get their business?

Here’s what you are up against

As a photographer looking for new wedding clients, you need to be seen during the very short window of when your prospective clients are in the market for photography services. So you work wedding shows and pay for ads on Wedding Wire and on and on…

No amount of hitting wedding shows or paying for “preferred placements” on a bridal website is going to get you in front of the dozens of people who are getting engaged every day in your area of service. You simply don’t have the time or the resources to be seen by nearly all of them. Until now.

If your photography company was the first one that prospects saw in their planning process, do you think your booking schedule would be completely full?

How about having a dependable interactive lead generation system that you can crank up or down as your availability changes?

It’s easy to do with online marketing if you know how. I want to show you today how to get started for free.

Click here for a free short consultation call where we will cover:

  • How to be the first photographer the recently-engaged person will see when they go online to start their wedding planning.
  • The right incentives to offer to get them to connect with you.
  • The places you absolutely have to be seen and why they work so well.
  • Today’s latest technology that matches how most of your prospects initially want to get more information about you (hint: it isn’t a bridal show).
  • How to estimate the cost of new leads so that you are as profitable as possible, allowing you to free up time to work “on” building your photography business and stop working “in” it.

Our system can take your marketing and sales from “spray and pray” to steady profits, with a system that allows you to budget your costs based on the growth of your business and how big you want to be.

Set up a time on my calendar to get started. We’ll even include a free checklist of how it is all done. I’m looking forward to talking about we can deliver more clients to you.

So, let’s rephrase that headline…

Online Marketing For Your Wedding Venue Business Can Generate Four New Clients A Month?